ABD Backstage Magic: Day 4 (part 1)

What a day! Opening and closing Disneyland on your first full day there is a bit much, both emotionally and physically taxing, and not for the faint of heart. This was close second for my favorite day, with so much pack in I think I might have to split it into three or four posts! This was one of the first times we had more free time so I’ll keep the focus on the Adventures By Disney tour, trust me there is more than plenty. Are you ready for a whole day at Disneyland? Allons-y.

Catch up with Planning, Pre-Tour (part 1), Pre-Tour (part 2) and Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 (part 1), and Day 3 (part 2).

This may have been the day that we finally adjusted to the time zone, or the late night at Disneyland caught with us. No matter, as we were exited for a day of unknowns.

IMG_2273 IMG_2277 IMG_2278I am afraid I don’t have much witty banter for this portion. As I mentioned before, I consider this my first trip to Disneyland and I was overcome with soaking it in.  Maybe it was my time as a cast member, but walking in I did not feel Walt’s presence but instead the presences of the thousands of people who have tended to and cared for this park. As a regular visitor to the east coast parks this aspect would be the most striking theme, the lived-in quality of Disneyland. I found nuances around every corner, and someone quietly soaking them in. The fly by night visitor of Magic Kingdom, wowed by its looming theatrics, stands in stark contrast to the intimacy and affection of the neighborhood Disneyland visitor.

IMG_2284 IMG_2287 IMG_2294Of course, all of this only came after passing through the Millennium styling of Downtown Disney, waiting guests at the still-closed gates, and finally up to the train station. After working for the company, dedicating years of my life to researching the place, and months of anticipation the red-bricked path laid at my feet. The morning crews quickly readied the park for the first day guest, and they asked us not to photograph any of the trucks or crew.

IMG_2303 IMG_2315To say that walking own a truly empty Main Street, U.S.A. just after sunrise was a treat would be an understatement. I know I have been very glowing overall in these travelogues, but in large part that is because I had very little expectations for the tour. I do not normally plan out my vacations this detailed, and chose Adventures by Disney primarily for the access to difficult places. I mention this, as I fear I will only get more glowing as the day continues.

Oh, have you wondered why I have not mentioned having breakfast yet? The schedule said it would be in park. Hmm…


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