ABD Backstage Magic: Day 2

Day two, our first day from start to finish on the tour. Luckily the time change was still in our favor and we were able to get up for the breakfast in our hotel (an achievement). It is nice to always know where your meals are coming from on a vacation and not having to think about it. Waking up late we had to have our day bag packed for whatever the first half of the day had in store. Part of doing a planning trip is to give up knowing what it always going to happen, and more so trusting that the tour will still satisfy you. Continue reading “ABD Backstage Magic: Day 2”


ABD Backstage Magic: Pre-Tour (Part 2) and Day 1

A quick catch up on our trip…we arrived. Well, you could have guessed that, but we chose to arrive a day in advance of the prescribed schedule (what rebels). That gave us time to settle into our hotel and the whole of the “check in” day to explore.

Catch up with our Planning and  Pre-Tour (Part 1).

This was our one big day in California and we were raring to get going. Mostly, that was coming from the Central Time Zone, so Mom and myself were out the door by 8am. Our big plan for the day was to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, drive the coast, and hopefully squeeze in a stop in Santa Monica before the real tour started with the kick-off dinner at 5pm. Continue reading “ABD Backstage Magic: Pre-Tour (Part 2) and Day 1”

ABD Backstage Magic: Pre-Tour (Part 1)

It was time for us to arrive in California.  As I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I decided to extend the packaged Adventures By Disney tour on both the start and end of our travels. That gave us a full week to soak in the warm California sun.  We used our pre-tour twenty-four hours to get to all of the “must do”s that would not be covered by ABD, and explore Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles. Of course I had more on my list than we could get to, but we did our best.

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ABD Backstage Magic: Planning

Watching the in-room TV during your last trip to Walt Disney World you might have seen families exploring Inca ruins, Italian villas, and African safaris. Adventures by Disney (ABD) markets itself as a way to experience the world with the comforts of Disney. Through serendipitous events I went on the Disney (and film) theorist dream tour, Backstage Magic.

One of the first draws was the location, having worked many years at Walt Disney World, California and Disneyland possess a touch of the exotic. Second, the tour grants access into exclusive venues, which with the right connection you might get into a selection, but without the efficiency or totality of the tour. Finally, I wasn’t able to get into the archives for my research, and was willing to pay even to just get in.  It was also February and a great time to head to So Cal.

So, come join me on my trip.


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In Which ‘Theatre, Theory, Theatre’ is Already Taken

There are a lot of misconceptions about what constitutes Story and how that differentiates Theme, and that both are entirely different from Plot. Typically, I try not to be contrary but as this is my documented area of study it is hard not to want to clear a few things up. Consider this your crash course in Theatre Theory studies, keeping in mind that what … Continue reading In Which ‘Theatre, Theory, Theatre’ is Already Taken

Grandmother Willow and Sprig: How Porcupines Became my Forest Friend

Once upon a time in a far away land of Disney’s Animal Kingdom there was desire for entertainment. The designers of the kingdom called upon all their scribes to create three stories that would combine information with imagination.  This is the tale of one of those shows, Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends. Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends told the adventures of Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow, and … Continue reading Grandmother Willow and Sprig: How Porcupines Became my Forest Friend

Why Theming Works: How Carsland is like a Castle

As the crowds race into the newly re-dedicated Disney California Adventure (last pun) it brings to mind the excitement Guests have for experiencing a story in three dimensions. While the setting of most major motion pictures serves as little more then a casualty of the hero and villain’s battle, one large conglomerate providing repetitious awestriking views, Radiator Springs of Cars pluses with a lifeblood granted … Continue reading Why Theming Works: How Carsland is like a Castle