Why Theming Works: How Carsland is like a Castle

As the crowds race into the newly re-dedicated Disney California Adventure (last pun) it brings to mind the excitement Guests have for experiencing a story in three dimensions. While the setting of most major motion pictures serves as little more then a casualty of the hero and villain’s battle, one large conglomerate providing repetitious awestriking views, Radiator Springs of Cars pluses with a lifeblood granted … Continue reading Why Theming Works: How Carsland is like a Castle

SoCal today, Carsland Tomorrow

Today marks a momentous occasion in this history of Disney parks. Not only does Carsland premiere, but Disney California Adventure completes a 5 year overhaul of the park’s themeing. It is on one hand an admittance of failure of the late Eisner era and the singularity of thought persisting from the early 90s that all America needed to be cool was sun-soaked Southern California. Yet, … Continue reading SoCal today, Carsland Tomorrow